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Shutters (Rollladen)

The heavyweight in sun protection (Sonnenschutz)

Shutters differ from other exterior sun protection products like awnings or solar sails in one crucial point. They are not made from textiles and therefore considerably more resistant against mechanical impacts. Shutter platings mainly consist of synthetic material, coated aluminium or wood. They can be used as sun protection for windows and doors, shop windows and winter gardens and create a comfortable atmosphere in the rooms behind and give even more safety. Due to the fact that the shutter consists of a rollable plating and is led between rails, it works especially well for the shadowing of vaulted as well as horizontal, sloping and of course vertical glass constructions. Special winter garden shutters consist of a translucent plating, which prevents most of the sunlight and lets in a convenient scattered light similar to those under trees. (Fenster, Türen, Schaufenster, Wintergärten)

Safety day and night

Though shutters are an effective means of sun protection, most of them do not appear until darkness comes. In shops, warehouses, garages as well as in residential houses, shutters predominantly serve as burglar resistance during nighttime or absence of tenants and owners. They are firmly installed in the openings and can only be broken with heavy tools or not at all. For an effective burglar resistance the plating should not be made from synthetic material, but from aluminium, steel or wood and equipped with a sliding safety device and guided rails made of steel. With different electronic refinements like time switches, alarm systems as well as different sensors, such a shutter can also guard your properties during a longer absence. (Einbruchshemmung)

Further protective functions

Besides effective sun protection and burglar resistance, the thickness of the shutter plating also offers some further advantages. As sound insulation for residential houses, which are located at heavily trafficked streets or near airports, shutters are part of the buildings’ basic equipment. Furthermore, they offer additional heat insulation and insulation for cold, which results in a lower consumption of energy for heating or air conditioning. And as hard as it would be for a burglar, it is as hard for storms, hail or other thunder-storms to assault your property.

While you can spend time on private things and feel unobserved and undisturbed by sun, noise and storms behind a shutter day and night, it concurrently beautifies your facade. No matter which material your shutter is made of, with its many different colours and designs it can − as decorative highlight − combine business with pleasure on your facade. (Schallschutz)

Advantages of shutters

  • More robust and more stable sun protection for different window shapes
  • Burglar resistent
  • Saves energy through its heat-insulating properties
  • Protects against noise and damages caused by storm
  • Can also be integrated subsequently in any window construction
  • Comfortable operation via electromotor and different regulation devices is possible