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Information - the most important prerequisite

On our website we explicitly inform you about the different kinds of sun protection, with which you can design your home, your office or other workplaces, your shop, restaurant or you garden in a more attractive and efficient way with sun protection systems. With up-to-date technology we will help you to arrange a sun protection system, which will meet more than just your personal standards.

Definition of sun protection (Sonnenschutz)

Sun protection means the target-oriented and effective protection of buildings and their residents against the inconvenient effects of solar radiation, which are:

  • Excessive heat development
  • Harmful UVA- and UVB-rays
  • Blinding occurences and
  • Increased energy consumption

Aims of sun protection

Sun protection does not mean to "turn off" the sun completely, but to use its energy and to make it comfortable for everyone. Light and thermal energy provided by the sun for free should be exploited as far as possible and it should be individually dosed, controlled and organized by appropriate sun protection systems.

The main focus hereby:

  • The creation and preservation of a convenient room and ambient temperature
  • The dosage of light up to darkening
  • Protection agains sunburn and other skin damages caused by UVA/UVB rays
  • Anti-dazzle device at the work place
  • Privacy shield
  • The outwards expansion of living environments and business premises


  • Architectural design of facades and open spaces
  • Individual design of living spaces
  • Protection against climatic conditions like rain and wind
  • Protection of objects from fading due to sunlight
  • Heat insulation and therefore saving of energy
  • Compliance with industrial safety regulations

The bottom line is:

  • Improvement of the quality of life and an increase of productivity

Kinds of sun protection systems

Sun protection products, which have a variable operating mechanism are generally called sun protection systems. Sun glasses, sun hats, sun tan creams, beach shelters, net curtains, curtains and solid porches are also used for sun protection, but due to their structure they do not belong to sun protection systems.

Sun protection systems can be divided into two main groups:

  • External sun protection and
  • Internal sun protection

Sun protection systems installed from the outside have the advantage that they filter the rays of the sun already before they reach the window panes and they therefore effectively reduce the convection - the transfer of the heat - through the glass. However, due to their outdoor position external sun protection systems are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions and therefore make higher demands on material, technology and caring.

Products for external sun protection:

  • Awnings of all kinds (Markisen)
  • Sun sails (Sonnensegel)
  • Outside blinds - Shutters (Rollläden)
  • Shutters (Rollläden)
  • Sunshades (Sonnenschirme)

Also indoors you can protect against the side effects of solar radiation in a variety of decorative ways. Here, emphasis is put on both design and functioning. Any kind of internal sun protection has its distinctive advantages, so that you can - according to purpose and structure of a room or the window - find individual solutions for different protection requirements and you simultaneously do not have to accept compromises considering styling and decoration of the room.

Internal sun protection:

  • Roller blinds (Rollos)
  • Blinds (Jalousien)
  • Pleats (Plissees)
  • Slats (Lamellen)