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Lamella curtain or vertical Venetian blind

From the office to the living room

For a long time the image of the strict and unhomey looking lamella curtain has not been valid. The big sun protector and light regulator which is used preferentially in the office area due to its high functionality is nowadays even able to keep away more than just the sun and undesirable looks. The vertical Venetian blind was made homier through the colourful creation of the lamellae, patterns and nice textile fabric structures. The lamellae which were a little bit boring and strict before now changed to true interior decorators and light creators, they can decorate whole window fronts and walls and bring their many-sided talent into use.

Functionality and design

Lamella curtains are liked wherever a generous and variable solar protection or look protection is desired. In terraces or balcony doors, big glass fronts, in conservatories or roof glazings the wide lamellae can measure the light intensity and steer the daylight to certain parts of the room. Thus, it is possible to fill one side of the room with light, e.g., the sitting room and to dip the other in a subdued one, sheltered from looks into private sphere. They grant the clear view outward on the one hand, on the other they form a decorative solar protection and view protection. Besides, by the vertical arrangement of the lamellae the rooms look optically higher what can be even underlined by the use of multi colour lamellae. The lamellae turn around their own long axis, so that to the run of the sun can follow and let the daylight into the room according to your individual needs.

All-rounder with a view

Curtains from swivelling vertical lamellae are suitable not only as a solar protection and view protection in windows and glass doors, but are also an effective architectural creation element. Thus one can furnish with it a movable wall in big rooms from the floor up to the ceiling which can be opened or closed on demand. The coloured creation of the lamella curtain can be tuned with the colour of the walls by which the impression of the separation is strengthened which can be reduced, however, any time with a movement of the hand. With pleasure, one uses such textile room divisors to create the optical division of a room between cooking area and eating area or between field of work and living area. You alone decide here how much insight they would like to grant. Regardless of the fabric density a certain consistency and permeability is always guaranteed with a lamella curtain and this also stands for its elegance and beauty.

Type variations and operating variations

Whether light-permeable, dim out or darkening, a lamella curtain must not exist of only one piece. It can be divided, e.g., in the middle or consist also of differently high lamella parts. Furthermore, the curtain can be also led on the ground in a rail what leads to its higher stability and precision. Fixed between two rails it can also be used as shadowing for roof glazings, depending on which architectural specific features are to be followed. Even on arched or sloping ceilings astonishing effects can be provided with a lamella curtain.

Every lamella curtain can be pushed together completely to a package on the left or on the right what is necessary every now and then for opening or cleaning of a window. Since in this case a lamella curtain disappears behind a curtain or a similar one, it can also be integrated into the window decoration as an additional curtain, e.g., for the darkening or as a view protection in the evening. The opening and fastenings of the curtain as well as the corner adjustment of the lamellae is done by hand by means of tow chains. However, the operation can also be controlled automatically what is especially good for the preservation of a pleasant and steady room climate, e.g., in conservatories.

Advantages of lamellae

  • Optimal view protection and solar protection for big glazed surfaces: Conservatories, terrace windows and doors and glass roofs
  • The vertical lamellae are swiveling around 180° and can steer the daylight in any direction and are directed after the run of the sun
  • Underlining a modern and dynamic ambience in the room, provides optically clear structures and a pleasant consistency, offers infinite colour creation possibilities
  • Big interior-architectural effect not only in windows, but also as a room divider
  • In the vertical lamellae dust and dirt hardly stick, which is why these are also suitable for allergy sufferers very well
  • Despite their size lamella curtains can be pushed together also to a small package
  • Even though much technical know-how is put in the fabrics, work lamellae appear very homely by their textile optics and haptics
  • Special claims − special fabric: Most lamellae are hardly inflammable, suited for humid rooms, are easy to clean − they are individually washable, stain-resistant and tested for harmful substances