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Venetian Blinds

Seeing without to be seen

For many decades Venetian blinds have been used as sun protection and privacy shields in private as well as in business. And even though they have not changed a lot regarding shape, they are still very popular as a fashionable and elegant sun protection. This classic in sun protection was already used in the orient in a stiff form to protect interiors against the sun and views whereas the view to the outside remained possible all the time. With the invention of a French carpenter to connect the lamellae with straps and thereby design them movable, these rotatable lamellae were given a French name which describes their use in an unambiguous way: Jalousie − in English: jealousy. Being a guard against undesired views into private sphere they spread all over the world and have become an integral part of everyday life.

Timeless − versatile − beautiful

As a non-textile sun protection blinds are invaluable in architecture. No matter if made of aluminium, wood or plastics − with their timeless appearance they can follow each trend in interior design and even enrich by its versatility. The direction of the light plays an important role which cannot be exceeded by any other sun protection product due to its infinite flexibility. In between the single blinds the light can only reach the room to such an extend to which it is allowed to by the position of the blind. Thus, interestingly striped shadow plays and, depending on colour and surface structure of the blinds, beautiful coloured light reflections may occur on the single blinds. The design of light with differently coloured blinds provides at the same time the possibility to give the room a calming and at the same time brightly coloured ambience, because through the fine lines of light, colour and shadow each room receives clear structures and an optimal lighting.

Versatile also in the handling

Most of the Venetian blinds, like they are commonly used at home are equipped with a strap with which one can raise or lower the blind, as well as with a pivot rod with which the ankle of the blinds can be changed. The manual handling is childsplay and is optimal for those blinds that are easy to reach. For larger blinds or such that are difficult to reach, e.g. on very high windows or gable glassings, in winter gardens or in halls a manual handling would be impossible or very time-consuming. In these cases Venetian blinds can as well be operated electrically and controlled only by pushing a button on the remote or with the help of light or heat sensors. The operation by means of electric motors and sensors is mainly applied for outside blinds or those which are integrated within the window i.e. between the window panes and may, after refinement and precision of the control technology, be used for interior blinds as well.

Assembly also possible on Sunday

According to window form and operational area of the Venetian blind this can be mounted in different manner. For the connection on wall, covers or in the window frames the suitable fixtures are fastened there where the Venetian blind is only hung up in. Thus one can remove the Venetian blind any time easily. But also without drilling the Venetian blind can be fastened to the casement by means of the clamp bearers which are only tightened on the window frame. For special claims Venetian blinds can be equipped with a pendulum protection, so that they do not hit, e.g., with the spring of the windows against the window frame. For this purpose, a nylon thread or wire is threaded from the Venetian blind head through every lamella and is fixed at the lower end.

Advantages of Venetian blinds

  • The coated aluminium − or plastic lamellae are resistant to dirt and humidity and can be cleaned directly in the window easily
  • The lamellae are adjustable infinitely variable around nearly 360° and can steer and measure the occurring light in the room
  • Venetian blinds can be braced with a pendulum protection in the casement by which an even more comfortable service is possibly
  • Venetian blinds are a reliable privacy protection and heat insulation, because almost no light or no warmth can penetrate the lamellae
  • an easy assembly on walls, covers and window reveals, also without drilling by means of clamp bearer in casements and doors is possible
  • Venetian blinds are available in countless colours and different surface structures, so that they can be integrated in any room and residential style.